North East Chandlery: Slow Living for a Fast Age

I am a candle fiend.

Happy? I get a candle. Sad? I get a candle. Indecisive? There’s definitely a scent for that.

Recently, however, I have also tried to pay more attention to where my possessions are coming from. I don’t think I’m alone in that. The beginning of the year saw the release of a report by Credit Suisse stating that sustainability is a key concern for millennials. The time for fast fashion is passing – we see our wounded planet and we can’t bear to add to it any more than we have to.

With this in mind, one of the first things I loved about North East Chandlery was their manifesto. A little snippet goes like this:

“Sustainability is at the core of our ethical ethos, and we strive to use environmentally friendly materials for every aspect of our products and design.”

This might all get a little grand for a candle review, but I am a true English Literature grad. If I cannot take a candle and turn it into a tale about time then frankly, I am not doing it right.

Let us begin.

Candles, for me, are a time to make time. Lighting one isn’t like flipping on a switch. It is a commitment to watching the flames, melting the wax into an even pool so it cools as a plain rather than a crater, and allowing the warmth to seep into cold bones.

North East Chandlery: Cinnamon, Clove and Sweet Orange Candle

The place I grew up is not far at all from where this candle was made. I received it in a neat little parcel, stamped with its namesake and wrapped in paper.


In the past, the dark seasons of my mind have outstayed the lighter ones. I think that’s why the scents of winter; spices, pine and woodsmoke; have always felt immeasurably more comforting.

Coconut might be suncream and escape, but cinnamon and spiced fruit will calm me down when the real storms hit. With this in mind, Jessica sent me a candle named Cinnamon, Clove and Sweet Orange.


As per instructions, I made sure the first burn was long and leisurely. The scent filled the room very quickly and the flame danced.

I got the wintery smell I was hoping for, and the mix of scents really is beautifully balanced. You can almost taste the mulled wine in the air, and dream, with eyes closed, of dark December nights spent tucked indoors.


But that, of course, is only the front of the picture. You can find beautiful, seasonal candles most anywhere and yet, these are more special. In my opinion, at least.

How I Used My Candle

North East Chandlery deals only in soy wax and sustainable practice. Before candles are made, the aromas are imagined and created. When you choose to buy handmade, you are buying a dream in a carefully packaged box. As someone who has recently started a business, and I don’t even make the products I sell, I now know firsthand how much care goes into these dreams.


Whilst I’m no aromatherapy buff, I do dabble in essential oils and I am a firm believer that scent-memory is far more powerful than we realise.

The second burn of my candle is kept for my business launch, and it earns well-deserved compliments from my visitors. I either use it late at night as I’m trying to wind down for bed, or when welcoming people to my home. For me, this particular scent, sent down from the grey, granite city, has come to mean comfort, family, friends and relaxation.


In terms of the practicalities, it looks beautiful and minimalistic in its simple wee jar, it has lasted at least 6 x 4 hour burns (sorry – maths is not my forté) and is still going strong.

In terms of the romance of a light-source of yore, it has been the backdrop to a change in me. When the wax has disappeared and the real winter comes, I will know that I can bring back the feeling of these weeks of ambition, excitement and liveliness with a jar, filled by hand.

The scent has taken on a new meaning, passed on from the hands that made it first, and that is part of this gift. It isn’t just a candle. It’s a key to whatever memory or emotion you decide to entrust it with as you light that match.

This may have been my first candle from the Chandlery, but it won’t be my last.

To find your scent, head to North East Chandlery’s website, Instagram or Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: This candle was very gratefully received as a gift from North East Chandlery in return for review. Here is what I thought!


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  1. That scent sounds wonderful. I love spicy wintery scents too.

    Also, I’m impressed by how much thought you put into this review, I’m sure the business is delighted!

    Lis / last year’s girl x

    Liked by 1 person

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