Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living Programme: My Experience


Whilst I am not currently building an Arbonne business, I am planning on going back onto the program very soon and have been on the shakes again. I was diagnosed a few weeks back with Crohn’s disease, and suddenly it makes even more sense that I felt so much better on a vegan/gf diet (but also that the fibre boost really isn’t needed for me!)

I’m most active on Insta at the moment but planning to start up writing again. Feel free to connect for updates!


Hello Kind Friends!
As some of you may know, I recently started my Arbonne journey and became a consultant. Arbonne make vegan and cruelty-free skincare, nutrition and makeup, and I decided to start off by doing the 30 days healthy living programme.

I am going to document this post every few days with my progress. I have a hilariously detailed, hand-drawn table in my journal in which I am noting down everything (no really, everything) about the changes I notice in myself as a result of this programme.

I’ll then transfer the details over here. I might be invested in this company but I am going to be honest about my experiences with these products. There’s no point in me saying it’s all easy peasy if that isn’t the case.

Arbonne have a 45 day returns period so if I don’t notice the differences, I will be getting my money back. But nothing that was worth it was ever easy, and I have met so many people with incredible results on this programme.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited to see what I can achieve with these products.

This video by Arbonne’s own Nancy and Tom tells you a little more about the programme.

I purchased the Value Pack, which contains 2 x 1.35kg bags of Protein Mix, 60 Fizz Sticks, 40 Detox Teabags, Daily Fibre Support, 30 Digestion Plus servings and Greens Balance. You can find out more about the individual products on my Arbonne site.

It looks a little bit like this …


As much as it literally feels like Christmas for healthy people, I am also a little nervous. I have no idea how to use this stuff!

But buying the pack also means getting welcomed into a Facebook group of people who are starting the healthy living challenge at the same time as me. They are a mix of Arbonne consultants, clients or people who just fancy giving it a go.

I have access to weekly meal plans (vegan or non vegan), a recipe book explaining how to make each meal or shake, and shopping lists. This makes me feel a lot more relaxed about the process, and looking at some of the recipes genuinely gets me looking forward to eating them which is NOT what I expected.

Armed with my shopping list, I stock up on ingredients for the week and get to bed early and looking forward to start my first ever, formal, healthy eating programme. Hoorah!

Day 1

Mondays are so gross.

I snooze my alarm for half an hour before remembering I have to make breakfast AND lunch and I can’t just pretend I’m busy and justify going to M&S for fancy food because I’m suddenly vegan, gluten-free, no coffee and fresh food only.


Rush to the kitchen, consult meal plan and discover that I’m having a mint-choc chip shake which is a pleasant surprise. I have a very sweet tooth.

I have a blender which mixes it in the bottle, and then you just have to pop on the lid and run. I find some gluten-free overnight oats in the fridge and thank Sunday night Sara for being so organised.

I get to work and have my shake and WOW it is actually super delicious. The chocolate protein powder doesn’t taste like peas, cranberries and rice, that’s for sure. Fills me up, too.

By 10.30am the familiar sound of the coffee machine in the office kitchen is literally calling to me. I’m not a total fiend but I am partial to at least a few cups a day. I have a fizz stick and it really does wake me up. I suddenly feel able to concentrate again and I am impressed. The pomegranate tastes good, too.

1pm comes and I might die of hunger but that is pretty normal for me, to be honest. Always hungry. Eat my oats, feel smug, great day so far.

At 3pm I decide it’s time for my daily digestion stick and I make the mistake of mixing the contents with water as though expecting it to taste delicious. It is basically a selection of probiotics and prebiotics to give your gut health a boost, but it isn’t the most moreish thing. I throw in a fizz stick and it’s much tastier. Make note to self that digestion sticks, like sambucca, are strictly for drinking as a shot.

Dinner brings a recipe for fresh thai green curry. I’m fairly confident at making a curry from scratch but this one is particularly good and I will definitely be eating this more whether I’m on a health kick or not.

Attempt to sleep at 11.30pm – I’m usually far too hyper for bed at 10pm even though I like to pretend to everyone this is what I do.

A couple of hefty protein bags

Day 2

Sore shoulder. No idea how. But I only snooze til 7.15 today. Must have been excited about my shakes. Today’s one is called an Almond Apple Surprise and it does cheer me up to have such a nice-sounding breakfast.

Today, I have added Greens Powder and Fibre to my smoothie, and my the afternoon my body is like, WHERE DID ALL THIS FIBRE COME FROM.


I have been veggie for many years so I always assumed my body was pretty used to fibre. It wasn’t used to this. Without being too graphic, I definitely feel the fibre… binding things up, you know.

I suspect that not drinking enough water is also playing a part in this, and I make a conscious effort to up my water intake. Colleagues probably think I am having a terrible day because I need to pee every 30 minutes.

Apart from this, I feel quite upbeat. I think this is because I have leftover curry for lunch, hooray.

For dinner, I have my first healthy eating challenge: Eating out on this diet. My parents and brother are visiting so we are having a belated birthday dinner for him. I pick Bar Soba and they have an admirable number of GF and vegan dishes. I go for something insanely delicious with Aubergine and Tofu (edit – I’m not meant to be eating soy on this programme so shouldn’t have had that, but hey. I learn) and sip on Soda Water and Lime feeling like a serene, if very fibrous, kween.

Day 3

Still excited about shakes, and decide to shake things up (wahey) and have it for lunch, instead. Also did I mention I bounced out of bed at 7am? What’s all that about?

I do feel myself having a lot more energy. For years, I have thought of myself as a fairly tired person. Whether it’s constant antibiotics for kidney infections, depression medication, iron and vitamin D deficiency or just generally feeling unwell, I have often been ‘through the mill’ as my granny would say. I am very pleased with this new development.

Due to earlier rising, I have GF oats for breakfast. An earlier breakfast also means I am starving by 11am. I am snacking, but I am only having fruit or nuts, so I have a banana. And then another banana. I can honestly say I have never eaten two bananas in a row before. WTF is going on.

Lunchtime and shake time, and it’s another almond shake! By the end of the day, I am getting nervous. After work, I am launching my Arbonne business to the world.

I need to make shakes, be happy, work the internet enough for my beautiful sponsor in SAN DIEGO to chat to my guests over Facetime, and generally tell people why I love this company.

I rush home and my lovely sister, who has kindly agreed to join me in all the meals (we live together which makes that less weird – she isn’t just turning up every day for dinner) is stressing out over the sweet potato and quinoa burger recipe she’s using. I think they look delicious but she is concerned with width. I remind her that we have people coming in an hour, we are gross, the flat is gross, and the dinner will taste great. We eat it, it does.

And my business launch is very lovely and a success, so that’s a great day!

Fizz Sticks and Detox Tea feat. my beautiful candle from North East Chandlery

Day 4

The routine, rather than getting monotonous, feels like a life-saver. It is such a relief to just follow my written-out plan and not panic about what I need to eat and when.

I also feel lighter today. I have no idea if I actually lost weight already (I don’t have scales) but physically I feel pretty swishy.

Breakfast is a couple of pumpkin-spiced protein balls leftover from the launch last night, but I get hungry again and even my chocolate shake doesn’t quite cut it.

I have also had a few late nights so I think that is affecting my willpower. I nip to Tesco and get a little portion of falafel and hummus, which is GF and vegan even if not freshly made.

I boldly packed my gym stuff in my work bag today and have a tactical fizz stick at 4pm in the hope of convincing myself to go. It works, and I do a mix of cardio and a fun little circuit I made up which has maximum time for whatsapping in-between moves. Every little helps.

Dinner is my turn, and I make lentil and sweet potato soup and a nut loaf. The loaf is literally just nuts and eggs. I know I’m supposed to be vegan, I’m so sorry! But I panic at the prospect of making those flax egg replacement things and I have bought the best, organic eggs I can afford.

Bedtime is looking like another midnight, because I am currently typing up these very notes!

But today has been a fairly good day, even if I am a little tired. I am still impressed by my energy levels and looking forward to a healthy weekend.

Day 5

It is Friday, praise the weekend gods.

I slept in until 5 to 8 and still got to work for 8.57am. It takes 24 minutes to get to work. Yep, you do the maths.

I forget my trusty notebook at home and mostly panic about that all the way to work, but I have managed to whip up a chocolate protein shake and it cheers me up.

Thankfully I also had last night’s soup all ready to go in a wee tupperware so I eat that for lunch and start to wonder why I’m so tired and achey. Then my period turns up and it all makes sense – no wonder I nearly cried actual tears in the bathroom when I realised I didn’t have my favourite pen! Phew!! Not mad, just pre-menstrual!

On my way home, I begin to wonder how on earth I’m going to navigate periods and healthy eating. Normally I would have sobbed into a bar of dark chocolate by now. Also – I’m not being dramatic and stereotyping my periods, I promise. I regularly turn into a completely different person for a few days and even my depression medication can’t fix it, but at this point on Friday I’m still feeling okay, if a little nervous.

I find a yummy recipe for vegan meatballs and decide to go for that with some gluten-free pasta. I get myself some much-needed dog time with Gordon, the grumpy wee Cairn Terrier who I’ve walked on occasion since he stole my heart over a year ago, and we drop off some Arbonne skincare and nutrition samples like the little Arbonne fairies we are.

Day one as a healthy person on their period: complete.

Day 6

It’s the weekend! And apparently I hate myself because I agree to do Parkrun with my very fit friend! She runs up hills for fun. FOR FUN.

We stroll down for a 9.30am start and by lap three I am no longer able to talk. Fit friend shouts encouragement at me the whole way round and I shave a whole minute off my PB. I learn that this means Personal Best, not Peanut Butter, but still consider chucking some in my next smoothie as a reward.

We go for brunch and I get the granola, as it is one of the only quick, vegan and gluten-free options on the menu, but it is delicious. This is my second outing to Down to Earth, on Dumbarton Road, and I am impressed. I would never normally be a granola gal at brunch as I usually want an entire vegan or veggie breakfast, but I actually can’t finish it and need a little help.


Then I rush off to the other park near me, as I’m meeting a friend to walk his beautiful, snorty, magical pugs. We have a good long walk and I’m pretty knackered by the time I get home. I have an apple almond protein shake in bed and fall asleep for two hours. This healthy living on the weekend thing needs naps, okay?

Saturday night is strictly Stricly and quite often merits a takeaway, but we decide to make the thai green curry again as it is SO delicious, and we don’t even miss the pizza.

It dawns on me that I haven’t actually had a single fizz stick today, and no bloody wonder I needed a two hour nap in the afternoon. Those fizz sticks are small but mighty, let me tell you.

Day 7

I’m up again relatively early for a Sunday (9am) (yes that’s early, thanks) as I’m going to walk more dogs. Yes, I do this for free. Yes, I am mad. Yes, I know.

My sister comes with me, and we are at the park for 11am surrounded by beautiful rescue greyhounds and lurchers. These dogs are honestly so gentle and wonderful. I get to walk Socks, again. He is very happy with his human but happy to pretend at being my dog for half an hour or so.

I have a lot of writing and event planning to do in the afternoon but the period pain is pretty major and I need a lot of paracetomol and hot water bottles. I don’t get nearly as much done as I’d hoped, and I have some rather unusual evening plans – for me at least.

I’m going to church, with a friend. I have not been to church since I ate all the Christingle sweets aged 10 and threw up in the gutter outside. It’s Glasgow’s C7 church: young, vibrant and loud. Even though I’m not expecting to become a God-fearing woman any time soon, it is beautiful to see so many people in celebration for their faith. I really enjoy seeing the energy and how much passion people have.

However, by the time I get home, something in my brain seems to have clicked. I feel anxious, stressed, miserable, like I’m doubting everything I’ve ever done. If you know this feeling, then you’ll know that it’s impossible to move, let alone feed yourself.

I am incredibly lucky to live with my little sister who has made spicy broccoli soup in my absence and all I have to do is reheat and eat before bed. I panic about bills, decide to write these posts in a bid to remember how good my weekend was before the switch, and get ready to try and sleep, although my brain has now switched into overtime. Perhaps the detox tea will work its magic. I really hope I can wake up in week 2 feeling stable, again.

Day 8

I sleep in and feel slightly dreadful. Monday blues? Very grateful that my breakfast takes approximately 3 minutes to make at the moment – when I’m at a push, all I need is nut milk, Arbonne protein, daily greens and my fibre boost. Whizz and run!

I also have leftover soup from the weekend – broccoli for days! Who knew healthy eating would be this easy?!

I need painkillers to get through the rest of the day, and decide to chalk up my bad mood to a particularly long period. I am craving sweet things and bananas and oranges just aren’t quite cutting it.

I divert from the plan ever so slightly and grab myself a raw bar. Dates, with their high sugar content, are not strictly allowed but I love the cocoa orange one and I am still fairly impressed with myself for picking a raw bar over a huge bar of galaxy!

Dinner demands something easy, so I have a Burrito Bowl dreamed up by the minimalist baker. It’s very delicious. Now that I’m into week two, I feel more comfortable researching my own gluten-free and vegan recipes to supplement the ones in my 30 days recipe book.

Day 9

Okay, so, on this plan, I am feeling a LOT more energetic once I get going. But the mornings are still so difficult!

I have always had problems with falling asleep and waking up, and even with feeling so much more like I have a routine already, I am still staying up past 12am and then trying to get up for work. It doesn’t seem to be sustainable.

I decide that I really need to try and focus on getting to bed on time. So much easier said than done!

Another speedy shake in the morning, and I’m on my way. I have leftovers for lunch, and am particularly excited for dinner.

It’s my bookclub meeting – a bunch of us gals get together to discuss Hot Milk by Deborah Levy, and the food is always incredible! I have been so busy that I turn up with a fairly paltry offering of GF pitta bread, fruit and falafel (I can’t eat this anyway as it turns out – wheat!).

Everyone else does an amazing job, and nearly everything is vegan and gluten free. Roasted veg salad, curries and cauliflower, oh my! Finish up with pistachio cookies and feel a lot brighter.

Day 10

I sleep in. Sorry! I want to say I’m getting up at 6am and working out, but that is definitely not the case!

Shake for breakfast and I am not hungry again until 2pm which is a pleasant surprise. I also realised that I have somehow been forgetting to take my antidepressants for the past few days.

Suddenly, the low mood makes a lot more sense. I am rather alarmed that I have forgotten all about something that I have had to do for the past 18 months, and chalk it up to being a little busy and distracted. I pick up my prescription again and fell better, probably just from feeling a little more organised.

And then, it all goes Pete Tong!!

I freelance as a journalist, which sometimes involves some impromptu evenings out, even on a Wednesday.

I’m covering an event, last minute, at a lovely hotel in town. The alcohol is all free and flowing, not to mention incredible food! I cave, and drink some champers, and mix up some cosmos, and taste some beer … literally by this point I think I’ve forgotten all about the no alcohol rule, although I have managed to follow my food plan fairly well and resist the huge pile of cakes!

I get home at 1am and I feel as though I already have a hangover through the drunken haze.

Normally I would probably feel guilty about this and make myself feel bad, but honestly I’ve had such a fab time that I can’t even do that to myself!

Plus – I manage to fit into my little sister’s dress! Maybe I am slimming up a little! Hoorah!

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Day 10 – I FAILED YOU ALL! So I'm meant to be off the sauce for healthy living (link in bio to blog) but attended a beautiful event at @malmaison_glasgow last night to celebrate their new Brasserie and definitely succumbed to the bubbly and cocktails which were circulating (and complimentary). However, today I will pay with a hangover and no coffee, and I promise I will not do it again!! Apart from this big slip up I have been following my plan to the letter. Even after just 10 days I feel a lot less bloated and more energetic. Really excited to see how the next ten days go 💜💜 . . . . . . . #arbonneuk #arbonnelife #glasgowliving #chezmalglasgow #malmaison #launchnight #glam #ootd #kneehighboots #dressedup #healthyliving #scottishblogger #scottishgirl #glasgowblogger #glasgow #fun #lastnight #documentyourdays #60sstyle #redhead #oops #champers #bubbly #glasgowfoodies

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Day 11

HOLY COW. I wake up feeling more than a little delicate and begin to wonder how on earth I will survive the day without coffee??

It’s going to be a three-fizz stick kinda day.

I am, as always, super grateful for how easy and delicious my morning shake is, and I rush to work, as usual.

I have lots and lots of water and decide to treat myself to a smoothie. You know, I’m suffering so much from self-inflicted damage and I’M WORTH IT.

I grab my favourite carrot and ginger mixup from Martha’s – a healthy fast-food place near the office – and feel a lot better later on.

In the evening, I have to be fresh for my second Arbonne launch! I am joined by a couple of fab friends, and we talk nutrition whilst testing all the goodies in the range.

I am also blown away to receive some beautiful flowers from my very talented florist friend. Check out her insta – she’s got some serious style.

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Well, last night wrapped up my second launch! I feel like I have officially UNLEASHED myself as an #Arbonne gal upon you all (you're welcome). I also nearly cried when my immensely talented florist friend, @gracie_bones brought me this hand-tied bouquet 😭 I have been absolutely blown away by the support so far, and I cannot thank you all enough for coming to events, helping me organise events and being super supportive even if you couldn't make it along. THANK YOU SO MUCH.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #scottishblogger #glasgowblogger #ukblogger #girlgang #lblogger #lbloggeruk #littlethings #beautifuleveryday #lifestyle #thehappynow #photosinbetween #petitejoys #documentyourdays #plantfuellife #outsearching #florist #thankyou #grateful #flowers #beautiful #business #businesslaunch #girlgang #grateful

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Day 12

I made it to Friday! Shakes and leftovers for breakfast and lunch, but I have that Friday feeling and I want PIZZA.

I also have a friend coming to stay, and my boyfriend (we’re long distance) arriving late for the weekend. So I check out some recipes, and then decide that I’m not mad enough to attempt a GF pizza dough, so I pick up some bases from the shops.

I love making pizza, so I made a spicy tomato sauce and top one with vegan cheese and the other with tapenade, both with lots of delicious veggies.

Callum arrives and expresses a bit of trepidation about having a vegan, coffee-free, gluten-free and alcohol-free girlfriend, but he thinks I look happier and healthier which is always nice to hear!

Day 13

We are up for 8.30am as we have big brunch plans and also want to go glasses shopping – my friend stays in London and has heard that Iolla hype quite a few times!

Cafezique in Partick deal admirably with my eating requirements, and serve up a delicious vegan brekkie. I decide to treat myself to a slice of their sourdough as well. I’m not super good at this healthy eating thing, am I? I heard it was good for your gut? Slash, also super delicious, and it’s Saturday.

We’re going to Callum’s parents in the afternoon, so I bring a shake for my lunch. I get a bit of sympathy for this, but I’m happy enough. It just tastes like vanilla milkshake.

I do get a little exercise that afternoon – rowing on a loch in Milngavie of all things!

Bloated again in the evening, which may have been bread-related, or may be because I ate loads and loads of Callum’s specialty red lentil Bolognese and GF pasta. It’s on-plan though, and I never wanted to feel hungry at any stage, so I go for it!


Vegan Brekkie at Cafezique

Day 14

Another Sunday, another brunch!

This time, we go to McPhabbs, and I realise that I’m maybe not going to manage to stick to my plan.

You don’t need to be vegan to do the 30-day plan, and there are non-vegan recipe books to use, too. These ones include eggs, and I did used to eat eggs as a veggie so I decide it’s okay to digress and have scrambled eggs on more sourdough … whoops!

I do enjoy a very on-plan virgin bloody mary, though. It’s just tomato juice, right?

Callum and I have leftovers for lunch before he rushes off for a train, and I spend the evening with chocolate shakes for dinner and a lot of writing to catch up on.

A few digressions, but overall, the plan definitely hasn’t stopped me from having an indulgent weekend! Roll on week 3!

Day 15

I’m starting to get the hang of this now.

After a weekend of enjoying a fairly sensible sleep pattern – in bed before 12 and up before 9am, I am determined that I want to work on my sleeping this week.

I decide that exercise might be key, and set myself the challenge of walking to work every day this week, weather-permitting. Glasgow rain is not like other rain, and if it gets heavy, you do not want to be out in it.

The walk is about 2.5 miles, and I actually walk there and back again in the evening. Sleep is easier as a result, and I drift off at 11.30pm. Only a tiny bit earlier but it’s a start. Was it always this simple?

Food-wise, I have my trusty shake, leftover lentil Bolognese for lunch with lots of leafy greens, and I make up a big batch of pumpkin and sweet potato soup for dinner. I snack on oranges, bananas, and multiple fizz sticks, of course.

I also meet a friend after work to learn all about hand massages! It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn and I would love also to put it to use in my skincare Arbonne events. It’s certainly not a requirement to be an Arbonne consultant, but I look forward to giving it a go. She is a brilliant teacher, and she even runs classes if you want to learn. Check out her Glasgow School of Massage if you’re interested!

Plus – I MAKE QUALIFICATION FOR DISTRICT MANAGER WITH ARBONNE. Great day, feeling energetic and ready to make the most of the rest of my 30 days!

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@brittanybirtwell just sent me this because I am in qualification for District Manager in Arbonne! Waaah! So emosh. THANKYOU to all who have supported me so far! I couldn't work towards this dream without you! I am now looking for a BUSINESS PARTNER. Could it be you? 💕 Ahhhhhhhhh you did it Sara!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations on officially being in qualification for District Manager (the 1st level, out of only 4) with your Abonne business! I am SO SO proud of you!! Just a few short weeks into starting your journey, and you've already achieved your first milestone all while working your full-time job!🙌🏼 😍⭐️❤️🌈🎉 I cannot wait to celebrate your official promotion at the end of next month!!!! You've got this girly!!! 💜💜💜 . . . . . . . #bossbabe #globalbusiness #onlinebusiness #entrepreneur #wifiandadream #envp2b #arbonne #glasgowblogger #glasgowgirl #herewego

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Day 16 – 19

These are all fairly non-descript days in terms of the food I’m eating – I stay on plan although I do realise that I haven’t been taking my Arbonne Digestion Plus and that will probably make a difference.

Without going into too much detail, damage caused when I was struggling more with my mental health in the past, has started to cause some physical symptoms. I decide to finally come clean about the skin-picking that has been a compulsion for years.

I have been quite open about my mental health, but this aspect was always shameful for me. Although my ability to control my compulsive behaviour has actually been really improved by my mood, I catch an old scar by accident, and it turns out to be a skin cyst requiring medical attention.

This means, that for the first time ever, in the many many times I have sat in a doctors office, I decide to open up about this particular aspect. My skin is treated and bandaged, my meds go up again and I’m back on the long waiting list for counselling.

This sounds like a big deal, and I get that. But really, the biggest deal here is that I felt comfortable and confident enough to open up about it. I had one day of feeling incredibly low, but in the end, I just needed the morning off work to go and talk to my GP and get the wound treated. I then felt so much better and got straight back into work and my daily routine.

This incident is proof to me, if I needed any more of it, that my mood has really been stabilised over the past few weeks of avoiding energy spikes.

Your mind is so connected to your body. I used to think that depression made my body feel tired, and I think to an extent that is still true. However, I am realising that my body can be pushed to do things completely independently of what my mind tells me I am capable of. When I start to pay more attention to it, rather than my emotions, some pretty great things have been happening.

The Last Bit

Okay you guys – I promise I do have a notepad with a detailed grid in it recording everything from meals to, ahem, toilet trips and all the bloating, or lack thereof, in-between.

I did take ‘before’ photos, but I never quite got round to taking ‘after’ photos. I know that probably sounds bad but I assure you it is more testament to my disorganisation than my failed results. By the end of the 30 days, I felt really, really good.

I was less bloated, and my energy levels were far better. My partner said I looked slimmer, and it wasn’t even in response to me asking, it was just an observation. It meant a lot!

From reintroducing dairy and gluten gradually, I figured out that dairy is not my friend. I never used to drink cow’s milk before anyway, but I was a cheese fiend. However, after staying off of it for 30 days, I began to find that I really didn’t miss it that much.

I am drinking coffee again, but far less. I would pick a fizz stick any day, especially since we got a limited edition blackberry flavour for Christmas (YUM).

After a few weeks of pretending to be dairy free, getting drunk/tired and eating something with cheese because it seemed easier, then feeling horrific as a result, I have finally made a more concentrated effort to just cut out dairy, The animals aren’t kept in fair conditions, it doesn’t make me feel good to eat it emotionally or physically, and as I was veggie before, I am now following a vegan diet.

I’m no longer buying leather, and I am about to prepare for my first vegan christmas which I am actually really looking forward to!

If anything, the 30 day program taught me to listen to my body a lot more. Sure, things taste good, but are they really worth eating in the long run if they’re just going to make you feel rotten?

I am, by no means, staying motivated all the time. Sometimes I binge on dairy-free ice-cream. Sometimes I drink too much, or eat a few squares too many of dark chocolate. I still have next to no concept of portion control and can happily eat nearly enough servings for 4 people over the course of an evening.

However, I feel far better equipped to keep my body feeling nourished, and for someone struggling with a range of mental health issues, this is really huge.

Since finishing the 30 day program, I have had a few dips. This is often really only attributable to some kind of chemical imbalance. I can have literally no reason to be miserable, and yet feel unable to move or get out of bed.

On those days, I go back to the structure of the healthy eating programme, and it helps me look after myself. A shake is easy to make, easy to drink and easy to clean up. It fills me up enough that I am able to slowly start moving again and try to fight back against a mind that sometimes refuses to let me be.

In that way alone, this programme has changed a lot of things for me. I am going to do it again in January, starting on Monday 8th January 2018. Fancy giving it a go?

Let’s talk! You can contact me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Email.

Check in soon for more updates on my healthy living 30 day plan. Or don’t – whatever you fancy! Any comments, questions, preferably nice things, just get in touch.

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