Review: Saal Digital Photobook

DISCLAIMER: I received a free photobook in exchange for an honest review.

Few things bring me joy quite like printed photos.

It goes against everything I want to believe about my minimalistic capabilities, but the reality is this:

I have boxes of photos all over my flat, and as long as I keep taking photos, I’ll keep dreaming of printing my favourites. I love the feel of paper and the tangibility of a print.

Now that I’ve got that confession out of the way, I can tell you that as first impressions go, I liked Saal Digital.

Saal Digital Photobook Review:

I was given a £40 voucher to spend on a photobook, which, obviously, is a great start. But the process was very straightforward and the level of customisation was just enough to make you feel that you were making your very own, but not so demanding that you gave up halfway through.

The end result? I love it. But read on to see for yourself.

saal photobook review
Image: Go Out Searching

I wanted to test the capabilities of the printing, so I selected a combination of photos: people and landscapes, busy scenes and buildings, DSLR and Android cameras, and varying levels of editing done by me.

I chose the size (square, 19 x 19), the cover (soft padded), the paper type (matte), the number of pages (26, each photo a double spread) and I also selected to go without a barcode. The barcode is the only indication of the company making the book, and it can be removed for an extra £5. It is small, on the cover, and doesn’t really identify the company in any way – I assume it just makes their job a little easier but if it bothers you, it can be easily removed.

Saal photobook review
Image: Go Out Searching

Creating your book can either be done using their custom software which you can download, or online using a less customisable method. I found the software cumbersome – I would recommend that they make some kind of tutorial? I managed fine using the online uploader and I wonder how many people would really choose to use software if it could all be done online? Perhaps, this is for the professionals who know exactly what tweaks to make and how. I just wanted to drag and drop my photos, and this is what I managed to do after a bit of trial and error.

The total for my book came to £34.95, and shipping from Germany, where the books are made, cost £4.95 (shipping to UK).

Saal Photobook Review
Image: Go Out Searching

It arrived fairly swiftly but I wasn’t in and can’t quite remember what day it was – I had to go and pick it up from the post office at the weekend. Either way, it was definitely not a worrying length of time as I am a delivery demon who gets incredibly over-excited and impatient about hitting the ‘order’ button. If it took too long, you would be hearing about it.

Initially, it was just really wonderful to get to see my own photos in such a carefully composed book. The quality felt great and the printers had coped admirably with everything I had requested. Even though my book was nowhere near the largest size, the detail hadn’t suffered in any way.

saal digital photobook review
Image: Go Out Searching

Price-wise, I had initially suspected that I would judge it to be expensive. But the reality is that flicking through the pages you can see where your money has been spent. The quality is there.

It is definitely a brilliant idea for a memento: I filled mine with holiday snaps from the last few years but it would make a lovely wedding or birthday gift. Sure, you could go old school with a photo album but the book offers a real sense of reassurance. It is solid and seems built to last.

saal photobook review
Image: Go Out Searching

Overall – I think you get what you pay for with this and I would recommend the Saal photobooks. The quality really is beautiful and I am going to treasure it. I would definitely consider spending my money there in the future.

To find out more about Saal Digital, you can visit their website here.

Any questions? Get in touch or leave a comment!


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  1. Glad you shared this, I’ve been keeping an eye out for interesting / unique printing options!


  2. I definitely recommend. Let me know if you give it a go!


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