Things to do when you’re sick

I can’t go out… so bring me cake and great chat please.

Day 12 of bedrest. I just found myself googling ‘Things to do when you’re sick’. I found a list of seventeen things (SEVENTEEN) complete with photographs and I was so ready to be inspired and then I scrolled through and realised that I’d done all of them already; except have a bath, because having a bath requires cleaning the bath and I’m far too busy being a bored sick person for that nonsense. So that led me back to square one, day 12, disappointment.

So naturally I’m going to write my own list of things to do when you’re sick. Admittedly, a lot of them are remarkably similar to the Wikihow list but I like to think that I have put a twist on them that make them much more fun. Number one on my to-do list was of course to get back to this blog after several weeks of festivals/university return/somehow getting myself hospitalised and burning up with rage/fever when the nurses came in and asked how the fresher was doing (I am a RESPONSIBLE fourth year with a baby face actually) so this seems to be a sensible solution to both my requirements.

Whether you’re sick, bored, procrastinating; I hope you enjoy them and find at least one thing to do that tickles your fancy.

1. Don’t just have a cup of tea, have a whole teapot! You have time and you probably need the fluids too. Plus, if one cuppa = one biscuit, 1 teapot = 1 packet. Exactly.

2. If you don’t have a teapot, it’s time to internet shop. You probably also need; a new outfit for when you are triumphantly healthy and go out in public again, two jumpers (fever chills, duh), six books including a phrasebook in an obscure language ‘just in case’ you take internet shopping that stage further and book cheap flights for somewhere in that dim, medicine-free future, and a new box of pens and a notebook for writing your novel in bed. If something is too expensive, it’s easy to justify with the ‘I’m sick and it will cheer me up’ excuse.

3. Find a bakery within shuffling distance and eat a lot of cake. I am very grateful that I have a great bakery and no appetite loss, because cake has helped a lot. Beware of developing the habit of expecting cake as a reward every time you venture outside. I’m not sure if rehab knows how to fix this, but I have definitely developed this problem over the last week. I don’t get out the front door for any less than a chocolate volcano in a box. If you live in Glasgow and you want to know more, click here. You’re welcome.

4. Read a book. Aloud. In a weird accent. When your flatmates come in to ask what on earth you’re doing, pretend to be asleep and say you didn’t hear anything. Great way to pass the time.

5. Learn how to make a new meal. I learned how to mash potatoes the other day. Yes, I count mash potatoes as a meal. No, I didn’t know how to make them before. Please don’t judge me. I’m sick.

6. Watch a movie with foreign subtitles switched on and try to memorise a few phrases. Maybe this isn’t actually that fun, but I really enjoyed Oh Brother Where Art Thou in Czech. So many useful words.

Jak se řekne česky “geographical oddity”? I might never know.

7. Write a letter or two. Even if you don’t have that much to say in them, everyone loves a handwritten letter and if you’re lucky you’ll get one back, which definitely makes a day at home more exciting!

8. Call all your friends all the time and make them come and visit you and take you out for walks. No, I’m not a puppy, but like a puppy I demand walks and attention and I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty. On that note, if you have a friend with an actual real life puppy then please send them my way because I’m pretty sure a puppy would heal me instantly. Otherwise, to all my lovely friends who have been invalid-walkers and taken me out – I’ll pay you back someday. Probably with cake.

Looking back at this list I really don’t know what I’m complaining about. I’m pretty much living the dream! I’m off to make the most of lounging about reading my Czech phrasebook aloud in a bad French accent. Have a lovely week x

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