‘Hey rainmaker, come away from that man’

Change of scenery for the plants in granny's garden
Change of scenery for the plants in granny’s garden

In hindsight, making Monday a deadline for writing a weekly blog post about positivity might not have been a wise decision. It is a widely known fact that Mondays are terrible. I have been especially grumpy today for a few reasons. For starters, I woke up to the remarkably rhythmic dripping of the rainy “Hurricane Bertha” somehow sneaking in under the roof of my bedroom into a growing puddle by the window. As I ran to the kitchen to get a bucket, I tripped over the entire contents of the porch, moved into the hallway because its previous home now resembled Cooper Park pond (before it was drained for flood alleviation of course… insert joke about Elgin flood plan effectiveness here). Quickly realising that my dreams of a marvellous day off work spent exploring a castle, with elevenses, brunch AND afternoon tea a necessary staple, were now presumably washed away somewhere down the coast along with various plants from the garden, I settled into a foul mood matched only by the rainclouds outside. I’d say it has taken a good few hours to cheer up from this disappointment. Given that I have already devoted a post to being cheery when best laid plans go wrong, only to be a massive grump today, was making me feel hypocritical and therefore even more grumpy. The chance of any thought someplace on the horizon that I could glean some positivity from seemed much further away then I’d hoped… perhaps around Thursday. Everyone knows that Thursday is infinitely better than Monday. But rules are rules, especially the ones that you make for yourself, and Monday is blog day. So today I have realised that sometimes positivity needs a bit of down time too. It’s splashing about outside in the puddles, because it needs a break from me constantly demanding its presence in cakes, bedspreads and sunny days. I allowed the blues to take over for a couple of hours whilst I moped about wearing 6 jumpers and occasionally trying to strike up conversations with my dog. And then I did some things that I like doing – read a photography magazine, looked up some photos of a festival that I’m really looking forward to, wrote a to-do list for another less rainy day when everything seems less dreary and difficult, and pushed against the gap in the wallpaper that was collecting rainwater above my window to briefly make a little water feature as it all tips down into my drip bucket… it’s surprisingly satisfying. And I feel a bit better, to be honest. It goes without saying, but balance is an unavoidable part of life and you can’t appreciate the good times until you have a couple of days where everything goes a bit wrong. Today everything went a bit wrong down our end, but later as I searched for quotes for happy Mondays (there aren’t many – someone should get on that  – but there’s always the band if you need a dancing tune for a pick me up or some rain-inspired lyrics for a blog post, like myself), I came across a report for a wee boy who had a great day because doctors made him the ears that he was born without. They made him ears and I could barely convince myself to shower. Amazing! Knowing that, I now have no doubt that my Tuesday will come up trumps and be a little brighter than Monday was, even if the rain keeps coming.

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