‘How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour’?


I have to admit that I was quite glad to have reached the end of my first week of blogging. I guess I am quite a pessimistic person at heart and all this positivity just gets a bit much for me. Anyway, I have kept an eye out for a little lightheartedness. The title of this post, for those whom it interests, is a poem by Isaac Watts, but I find it more recognisable from its parody by Lewis Carroll. It seemed relevant to the little bits that I have pieced together to make a happy thought. It all started with a comment from my father, as we talked about there never being enough time in the world to do the things we want. Outside the front door of our house, there is a huge clump of lavender that spreads round in a horseshoe shape to surround a green metal wrought table and chair which is rusting, slightly cobwebbed, and one of the nicest places in the world to sit in the summer. The reason for this is the drift of bees which buzz untiringly from stem to stem, each humming at its own pitch and going about its business. Dad says that if he had a spare 5 minutes, he would really love to sit there with a cup of tea. What a marvellously simple goal! As I happened to have 5 minutes this evening, I sat out in the rain with nothing but the bees and a couple of soggy thoughts. It occurred to me how important it is to be busy in our day and age. I see a link to social media… 5 minutes doing absolutely nothing is not instagrammable and therefore not cool. Perhaps it’s just me, but I do think there is a slightly damaging attitude today (one which I often find myself in possession of) that the busier you are, the better. One must always have something planned, or you might seem lazy or unorganised. I am very guilty of overplanning and panicking at the notion of free time, which I talked about in a previous post. I think all of these thoughts came from the bees influence; the pleasant irony of watching others working hard was a very relaxing experience for me, and would be for my poor dad as well if he ever gets round to sitting there too. The bees don’t seem to be busy for any other reason than the fact that they are. No additional proof is needed, they feel no need to shout about their packed schedules to the world. So I decided I would do it for them and take some photos of bees at work for instagram and for this blog, so they don’t feel left out of the #busy hashtag. I guess what I’m also trying to say is that there’s no shame in choosing not to be as busy as a bee every so often. If you find yourself with a free hour, don’t fill it in a hurry. Make sure you have time to sit amongst the lavender, or whichever plant you fancy, and enjoy watching everyone else being busy for a change. If this doesn’t work to cheer you up, then surely this wonderfully imaginative description of a bee, which I came across whilst researching things for this post will. Have a lovely Wednesday.Untitled

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