catching bugs

It is a widely unaccepted truth that you cannot please everyone. I say ‘unaccepted’ in the sense that we often try to fight this fact, to our peril. Everybody wants to be likeable, the nicest, friendliest, strongest, fastest (perhaps Mr Bolt has been on my mind this evening but I’d say that he has proved himself enough to claim that one), funniest… some other -est that I’m sure will spring to mind as you read which defines your own personal perfection quest. We all have one, or several, and I do believe it is a good thing to an extent as it pushes us to self-improve. However the magical world of social media today that provides a universal platform for everything from this video of a super cute baby deer to my tenuously ‘happiness’-linked blog posts is deceiving. Naturally we display the nicest, friendliest, strongest, fastest, funniest sides of ourselves. So there is no room for a little honest inadequacy – which we all possess too. Sometimes I feel like this makes us crumble a little more than we should when our weak points are exposed; rather than just accepting and moving on we feel that we should try to edit and cover up, delete any sign of it and distract by posting a hilarious youtube video. What if people don’t love us anymore when they realise that we can’t actually do everything we’d like to? This is going somewhere, I promise. I think in the past I have tried to alter myself a little more than is honest to please people, when what I really should be doing is going out searching for those who find me pleasing just the way I am. It’s an oft-reiterated point, but I think it needs to be repeated – we do forget amongst the daily quest to have the coolest facebook profile picture. Today I went for a walk with my brother (I’m beginning to realise that at 9 years old he’s probably one of the wisest people I know) and we got on to the topic of how spiders and snakes are his ABSOLUTE top favourite animals. I snapped a pic to prove it. Spiders? Seriously? No-one loves spiders. They are the scariest. And that’s not a desirable ‘-est’. But he loves them and didn’t stop talking about them for 45 minutes. Which makes me very hopeful that I’m not that bad after all. At least, I’m nowhere near as scary as spiders are. I feel reassured that I can be loved perhaps even as much as Fin loves spiders – which is honestly an awful awful lot. He thinks they are the best. -est.

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