Supta Baddha Konasana

A pair of little feet, covered by bright pink socks, are pressed together at the soles. They belong to a girl with bright blonde curls who has been quietly snoring for about half an hour. Her fingers are wrapped in her hair, arms bent above her head as she slumbers in a pushchair. Earlier I served a cup of tea to her mother, sitting close-by with a friend. A plate of food, too. In my hurry, with the noise and bustle around me, I barely notice the pink socks or their owner until my foot nudges the wheel of the pram supporting them – I then start to panic that I’ll wake her. She sleeps on. It is an impossibly busy day that shows no sign of slowing down as people continue to appear through the door. We’ve long run out of seats and I feel like I can’t quite keep up with the demand. Every so often I have to edge my way round her pram carrying plates and cups. At some point, it occurs to me that her strange sleeping position is in fact a yoga pose, known as Supta Baddha Konsana (Reclined Goddess to you and me, I don’t have any knowledge of sanskrit and I googled this so that I sound more impressive, I hope it worked). As soon as I notice this, I find it pretty amusing. There are voices, several languages, a plethora of plates to clatter together and cups to bang on tables, a hissing coffee machine and hand dryer whirrs and doors that open and close amongst other noise that I wasn’t even aware of… and she lies totally zen in the goddess pose. As far from my current mood as possible and one of life’s little ironies. Looking back, she is now also my inspiration for filling my yoga quota for the day and I’m sure she’d never have any idea. I suppose it goes to show that inspiration appears from the strangest of places, searching is not always required. 

I appreciate that this incident was probably much more amusing for me than anyone else, and for that I want to apologise with this video. 

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