When searching, don’t forget to look up.

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This is not an orignal idea in the slightest. I don’t really expect to come up with many original thoughts in my life to be honest, but that sort of pessimism is not permitted here. Regardless, today’s suggestion is to act like a child. When was the last time you allowed yourself to do that? Not including any incidents under the influence of alcohol, love or other drugs of course. Children are good at having fun, they strive towards avoiding dull things and are always inventing new ways of asking their parents permission to do things that look enjoyable… ‘there’s only one biscuit left and it looks LONELY mum, someone should eat it’. I have stored up a pretty hefty thought tank of kid quotes over the years, being the eldest of four, and I today I was reminded that playing on a swing thing is actually quite enjoyable (and surprisingly terrifying – they build these for kids?!) – an activity I was pushed towards as as a result of my youngest brother accusing me of being boring. Me? Boring? I guess he has a point. Aside from being surprised by how useless my upper body was at getting myself onto the swing in the first place (all that gym effort is a waste of time, I should be doing handstands instead like normal kids) my initial reactions was to worry that someone I knew might see me and judge. And then I remembered that no one really knows who I am anyway, the park was deserted and even if it wasn’t, how big a deal is it really to run about a park completely sober at the age of 20? I guess that one depends on the extenuating circumstances, which I shall leave to your own discretion along with the advice that kids know what’s up sometimes and the easiest way to get up is to jump on the nearest swing.

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  1. That is the truth so swing with that


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